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Being in an automobile accident can be a much unexpected event. It can happen to even the safest of drivers. As long as you take the correct steps afterwards, there is nothing to worry about. If you have recently been involved in an auto accident and do not know how to handle the situation, please contact us.


Even if the opposite party does accept responsibility for the accident, still do not forget to take down notes and pictures of the accident. Sometimes the other driver will accept responsibility for the accident at the scene, and then when they call their insurance company, tell them a different story. Also collect their information such as their driver license, registration, car insurance, and their license plates. When you check the license, registrations, and insurance, make sure all the names match. If the name is not the same, write down the different names and the relationship between them. Do not say that it is your own fault or take responsibility at the scene. This may cause confusion later. After an accident, your insurance company as well as the other party's insurance company will contact you for a recorded statement. Many patients believe their insurance will be on their side, but this is not the case. Your recorded statement will be shared with the other party's insurance company as well, so always consult with a professional before doing the recorded statement.


When the police officer arrives after the accident, make sure that they record all the correct information, confirming that the names on the vehicle registration and the car's insurance are the same. If you have an emergency cone or triangle in your vehicle in case of an accident this will enable you to exit your car more safely. If you do not have a smart phone, it is recommended that you carry in your car a disposable camera so that you may be able to take pictures of the accident.

Follow Up

If you are experiencing pain after a traffic accident, under the Maryland Automobile Insurance PIP (Personal Injury Protection), and under Virginia Medical Payment you are covered for medical treatment and wage loss. In the case that the opposite party has not accepted responsibility, you do not have to wait for their consent to begin receiving medical treatment. When you arrive at our facility, we will connect you with a reliable lawyer whom we have worked with before, help with insurance processing, and if needed, refer you to other orthopedic, neurosurgery, internal medicine, and oriental medicine doctors. If you need a translator or help with communicating to other parties, we are here to assist you in claiming your accident, paperwork, wage loss compensation, inspections, emergency room costs, and other various tasks.